Just Do It

I've been struggling the last few days with coming back here and writing. Whenever I sit down to write, I blank. It could be because I've had a lot on my mind, I am too busy thinking about the beautiful weather here or reminiscing about memories of last summer with my family. I don't know,... Continue Reading →


Are You Even an Environmentalist?

GO VEGAN! Or at least be conscious of your meat consumption, soooo Semi Vegan?? Okay, no I am not here to guilt trip you into going vegan, or maybe I am??? What I am going to do is lay down the facts, and if you feel defensive or guilty then do your research, because there... Continue Reading →

What’s Eating you?

This is an attempt at a short story, it's an invitation into the mind of an anorexic. So let us begin. Being anorexic feels like you suddenly stop belonging to everything that is real, and you start constantly wanting to belong to an idea of a body. You get lost in that idea, you stop... Continue Reading →

My Own Masterpiece Of A Language

Imagine being around people, who you can't speak or understand their language. Everything they utter is foreign to you, but their heart isn't. You're able to let them know exactly what you want and they tell you, without a word spoken. You tell them stories, joke , laugh and cry together; all without uttering a... Continue Reading →

Will I ever Belong?

This is the first of the coming posts this month on belonging. It speaks to my loss, about how to belong to Palestine. A place that's very much a part of me, but I was never a part of it. It's my second try at poetry, I hope you guys enjoy send me your thoughts... Continue Reading →

To Belong

I am starting a new series of poems and prose all about what it is to belong or not to. I have struggled with belonging in many ways. I belonged to places I thought I shouldn't, I didn't belong to places I should belong to, and I wasn't allowed the opportunity to belong, even to... Continue Reading →

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