Queen of Our Clan

A strong, warm and wrinkled body, with a mind of gold and a heart of honey.

Sweet, beautiful and loud.

She yelled about her freedom, her independence and right to live as her own person

She taught my DNA feminism and is the walking embodiment of it.

I don’t think I ever understood how an old soul can be so light: laughing and loving?

“Don’t take life too seriously, just let it happen and trust in God.” -She’d always say

Old souls carry baggage and weight, they’ve been through all the harsh trails of life

Their wrinkles are a map of their experience, it tells a beautiful story of love and loss

She’s been through all this

but she would jump over the bumpy rocks like a little lamb in a meadow

She would dance in the rain, tango with the storm and comparsita with the the sadness till it shook itself away

She’s the morning coffee, honey and cream on hot bread

A loud melody playing in all our hearts

A loud yell asking about loved ones over the phone

A loving heart filled with infinite and unconditional love_____

She set a standard of intelligence, beauty and wit that I doubt I could ever reach

Will I ever grow into the woman she is?

Proud; head held high and heart grounded like a tree.

her eyes hold endless wisdom and her touch infinite kindness

But in her kindness and giggles lies a strength and power that over throws anyone who over steps her dignity and worth.

In her there is self love and happiness that a capitalist world fears a woman to own

In her there is a balance of self love and selflessness

Only to God she submits and never to man

The Heavens lie under her feet, God whispered and she Knows it.

She know her worth, she knows her beauty and does not and will not allow anyone to correct it.

She walks a role model head held up high and feet grounded with humbleness

She is a Queen and one day I’ll try and be half of what she is.


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