In The Deep Blue I Was Reborn

I dove straight through the deep, dark blue, slippery sea. I dove under and held my breath till my head got lighter and things started getting dark. Slowly I took my head out of the water,  I gulped my first breath of fresh salty air. I was reborn. I lied on the blue slippery velvet and synced my breath with the waves. I let go, unlike I usually do: I allowed the sea to take me where I needed to. I submitted to the fate the water has written for me, I allowed it to take me through my journey. It would seem as though I gave up all choice, but that’s not true. I chose to submit, I chose to let go of fear, I chose to allow the sea to hold me with its wisdom. I allowed all worry to pass through my mind and out into no where, I let go of all anxiety and fear. I was reborn. My heart is now filled with calm, wisdom of the sea and the blue of the sky reflecting, too, on my soul.  At that moment I allowed the sea to father me, to be my guidance and to teach me its ways of dealing with the storm and staying serene.


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