Just Do It

I’ve been struggling the last few days with coming back here and writing. Whenever I sit down to write, I blank. It could be because I’ve had a lot on my mind, I am too busy thinking about the beautiful weather here or reminiscing about memories of last summer with my family. I don’t know, my mind is just not with me. So instead of writing nothing, I decided to write about this. My mind and the hybrid of thoughts, ideas and weird shit that goes on up there.

Our mind directs, plans, executes everything. All we do, feel, see, is through the  mind. It’s the spectacle we wear, by which we see everything.  It has the power to convince us to do the impossible and imprison our potential, all at once. Sometimes, I feel trapped in my body, wanting to do so much more but failing to. When I realize that’s happening I meditate on that feeling a little bit, and I get up and do. For instance, when running my usual 10K’s there are some days when I feel like I need to run that 10K, but at the same time I think how can I keep going for almost an hour. What if my legs give out, my body is stressed by uni I can’t handle that, I need sleep not running. Which could be true, but also could be an excuse not to get in that 10K.

So, I just run. I put my shoes on I get on my feet and I start running. 3K mark feeling good keep up the pace, you got this. 5K mark, I am tiered I went half way that’s enough., right? NO! You can do this! PUSH IT!!!!! 7K Almost there pick up the pace. 9K, one more to go you got this! 10K, aaaaaand… We’re Done!

Sometimes we need to stop listening to our buzzing minds, and just do things.  As I mentioned earlier, I had a mind block I could not for the life of me write. So what did I do? I wrote. I stopped thinking and I started typing.  Surrendering to what your mind is telling you can be good sometimes, but other times it could be the chain keeping you from achieving your potential. Potential is just potential, till it translates to action. So go, Jump that cliff,  dance to this song, start that businesses, write that paper and so on..Do things you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do. Because, there is nothing you are incapable of, only you stop you.

It can even limit your idea of your own self, of who you are. For the longest time, I had this strict idea of myself “I am a math person not a literature person”.  “I am a practical objective person, not a theoretical and abstract person.” Turns out, I was wrong. I can be such a relativist, I love writing and thinking of the abstract subjectivity of poetry. Opening my mind to literature and philosophy has been the best thing I have done for myself, so far. Liberating myself from my own chains, and just opening up heaven’s doors within my mind has been magical. My mind can conceive of an idealistic world, as well as a, materialistic world. I can understand that my whole concept of reality, that it’s rigid and material, could be wrong. Everything I experience could be just my idea of those experiences and not them in themselves. It’s easier for me now to recognize how I could be faulted in my thoughts, and see how others could be more correct about what they think. Freeing your mind from the constraints it forces upon itself can be the exact thing you need, to tap into yourself and know thyself.



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