My Own Masterpiece Of A Language

Imagine being around people, who you can’t speak or understand their language. Everything they utter is foreign to you, but their heart isn’t. You’re able to let them know exactly what you want and they tell you, without a word spoken. You tell them stories, joke , laugh and cry together; all without uttering a word.

Then, imagine being in a place where you talk to the people around you, and spill your heart out to them. But… You’re just air to them, they don’t hear you, they don’t see or feel you. You can’t communicate anything to them and they can’t to you. You’re always isolated by glass walls, even though you speak the same language; you can never relate to one another.

That’s my 15 years growing up in Egypt. I spoke the same language as everyone around me, but I constantly felt like I was yelling underwater. It was suffocating me. My own culture was not that of my origin. My own culture did not fit into the culture I was told I had to be. I thrived at home where I could just be. School was a place where I had to be, but couldn’t.

Then I moved to Doha, Qatar. It was weird. Everyone, had their own culture in the school. My track team had Americans, Australians, Indians, Dutch, Egyptians, Brazilians.. And the list keeps going, and that was just my track team. It was weird how I felt more in place than ever in a school where no one spoke the same language; we all had different cultures and rules. But, the space provided allowed me to become my own masterpiece of a culture. I no longer needed to speak the same language. I embraced my own and created a new third language for myself, that was neither Qatari or Egyptian it was Lama’s language. I made my own rules and broke them, and everyone respected them.

My friend group alone harvested Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese; from those we crafted our language and embraced it. We blended our cultures and our families together to become this new color of a family.  One that carried none of the rules from the languages mentioned, but it was this third language that only we could understand and master.

I thrive in environments where I don’t have to communicate using anyone’s language, but my own, in environments, where communication is hearts to hearts. In a society where everything is a perfect cube I was an irregular triangle, for 15 years I tried fitting this irregular triangle into a cube. Little did I know, that all I needed was a place where there were all kinds of irregular shapes so we can all fit out together.

If you’re out there in a space where you just can’t fit in. Don’t. Don’t try to fit in, don’t try to speak the same language, it will kill you. It almost killed me. So, just be you, be your own language and nothing other than that. The best thing that has ever happened to me, was becoming a third culture kid, and I would not change it for the world.

I came to realize that I have been trying to become something I was never going to be. I was given the chance to just to be whoever I want to be, in a safe space. I know not everyone gets that opportunity. So become that third culture kid in your own space, by refusing to fit into the cubes you’re being told to fit into. Stay true to yourself, NOT society. It’s okay to be, feel or act weird. Who gets to decide what is and what isn’t anyways, but you. So make your own culture, language, heck even country and own it.






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  1. Very well said Lama😍
    I especially loved : ” make your own culture, language, even country … ”

    And to you I say my princess:

    Those who deserve your love might be different and far … go find them … those who look the same and are near might be your worst nightmare… don’t be afraid or upset… just leave them and never look back ❤


    1. Than you so much for your comment!! This is so sweet and genuine 7abibty I love you so much and i agree it seems like that people who i love the most are out of reach and definatly not letting that keep me from getting closer to them!


  2. “In a society where everything is a perfect cube I was an irregular triangle”

    My favorite line. As one of these “third culture” kids I understand entirely where you’re coming from, and while this is extremely applicable to our particular situation, I think we can even apply it more broadly to our global society as a whole. We need a shift in thinking to allow people to truly blossom into their own. Too often we think of the phrase “we are all the same and equal” when in reality, that simply is not the case. Rather, we are all different, and that is what makes us unique. It is those differences that we have to learn to celebrate, because from them we grow, and from them we help others learn.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much for yoyr comment!
      I tottally agree! While I like to beleive that all hearts are loving and compasaionate, i don’t beleive that all minds are creative in the same way. Lots of cultures (that be an enviormental, ethnic or school culture) try to cut everyone out with the same cookie cutter, it’s not ideal. Because, guess what,as you said, we are all unique and that’s what is helping the world stay so viberant with arts, technological discoveries and music! The list goes on..

      Thank you for your global insight, i really enjoyed your comment, allowed me to think of the broaden my vision of this post :)!


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