Will I ever Belong?

This is the first of the coming posts this month on belonging. It speaks to my loss, about how to belong to Palestine. A place that’s very much a part of me, but I was never a part of it.

It’s my second try at poetry, I hope you guys enjoy send me your thoughts and feedback I love hearing back!


I dedicate this poem to my great grandfather, he just passed. I’ve met him only a few times when I was young. I was always curious about how he felt being displaced out of his home with 12 children and as a single parent. He held the key to his home, and had hope to go back. My love never got to go back, but I carry his hope with me today. I am not giving up and will continue to remind people that it was always Palestine and will remain Palestine. In his loving memory I write this poem to reconnect with my home, and to shed light on the struggle that is carried down  generations of refugees.

My Beloved

I scroll down Google__


Of my beloved,

how come?

My blood running down the timeline

My heart knocking hard against my chest

caged…. I gasp for breath.

I am fluttering my wings, Mom

But they won’t let me out.

They won’t let me fly to the holy dirt

Where I belong but never been

Where I fit but never allowed in.


The officer will think we’re danger?


Our feet are loud, stumping with pride.

TERRORISTS! Go back to your country!

But, I am buried in my own dirt


My Beautiful, thrive!

I am coming home, to the dome

That belongs to our beloved فلسطين

صلاح الدين, I am your successor.

I am on my way to the holy land

Jeddo, I am taking that key, the one you saved.

Since 1948.

I am unlocking the walls.

And building back our house

It was always home, you see

I am finally here, at the olive tree


فلسطين= Palestine in Arabic 

صلاح الدين= Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, who conquered the crusades and entered Palestine. After nine decades of occupation. (Walker)

Jeddi=  is grandpa, or great grand pa


Walker, Paul E. “Saladin.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 25 Feb. 2018, http://www.britannica.com/biography/Saladin.


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