To Belong

I am starting a new series of poems and prose all about what it is to belong or not to. I have struggled with belonging in many ways. I belonged to places I thought I shouldn’t, I didn’t belong to places I should belong to, and I wasn’t allowed the opportunity to belong, even to my own home (s).

Belonging is weird, because it’s experienced in different ways from one point to the next and from one person to the next. Growing up I saw everything as a dichotomy good and bad. gay and straight, atheism and monotheism. The lines were clear, just like belonging I either belonged or I didn’t the spectrum was black and white.

But now, I found my balance everything is a rainbow. Sometimes I belong and I don’t at the same time, I fit in but I don’t. It’s weird. I started to identify my different emotions; sadness, happiness, pleasure and fear abstractly, rather than distinctly. I allowed my self to just be. Feel. And Express.

This series is about that. My different experiences of belonging. It’s an exciting journey, and I am looking back at many memories through my writing and I am inviting you to join me on this journey.

Please comment your ideas or pm me I would love to know what belonging means to you and if you have a story to share please do I would love to talk about it, or even include it in the series!

This will be an April thing I will aim to write 6-8 posts till the last day April 30th, will be a special post in honor of my 20th. Honestly,  I don’t have revelation of what this special post will be, but I want to mark that day. I don’t celebrate every birthday, but there are certain numbers I like to celebrate and my 20th is obviously one. SO this is what we’re doing!

Have a wonderful week people,

And whoever has exams GOOD LUCK!!





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