If you’re going to speak then


Speech impacts how we feel, how we act, how we perceive things; it defines our communication. The tone we use to say something, our body language, the context which we use the words and the way we put them together make all the differences. Just one letter change in a word and it changes the whole meaning of what you’re trying to say. One time I was texting my mom ” I am in here for a sex” I meant for a sec, my mom freaked; I was 16 and man she was not ready for that kinda news. That one letter change, turned her feelings, thoughts and mind upside down. So, things we say matter and as harsh as it is you can’t take somethings you said back, it’s why a spoken agreement is law binding in many places.

I’ve had experience saying things before processing them I wish I never allowed those words to escape my tongue. Words can leave strong deep scars in people, ones that may fade but never go away. My mom used to always tell me, count to 10 before saying anything, because once you say it there is no going back. Sometimes the difference between one path of life and another are those 10 seconds you take to think about what you really want to say. Breathe, think, count and speak. Always in that order; because, everything you say does matter.


I decided to write a poem about something I observed and experienced myself, about the impact of words on us. I am not going to say much about what exactly I am trying to convey through the poem; mostly because I myself, am not entirely sure . However, It’s just something I wanted to share with you guys. I never wrote a poem before, except you know, those ones you write when you’re a kid. Well this is my first and I don’t know anything about writing poems, I love reading and analyzing them. They’re my favorite part of literature.; you can make them yours, and relate to them in one, too many ways because how abstract they can be. We try to decipher what the poet was trying to convey, but all we really do is see the poem from our existential bubble and read what we want it to say.

So here is my first try at poetry, this is not edited; I wrote it on the spot, because if I thought about it for too long I probably would have not published this. But, I need to, for myself. So here it goes.

A Joke on Valentine’s: 

Words they can cut you like a blade knife

deep___in your heart that its deep enough you don’t even feel the pain


careless, meaningless jokes, giggles________


and there

what’s wrong with me, did I miss the joke here?

cool, yea that was really funny; I laughed.

making a joke out of myself, laughing to please others tearing myself apart, my heart is crying and my tears___

are tears of joy

Can’t you see how funny this is?


deep cracks in my heart “dramatic”

My body trembling in laughter and my heart___ well it’s a joke

It’s out of love

Can’t you see how funny this is?


Chocolate, heart shaped cookies and flowers

But!!! What did I do?

Take a joke, girl I was being funny babe

Yea, it’s cool



What should I do to make you feel better?



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