What’s the time?


What is time?

Seems like “the” makes a big difference.

People constantly ask about what’s the time, but it’s very rarely that a few of them ask: what is time?

Is it another dimension, a coordinate relative to space, a measurement, a mental construct or  none-existent to begin with?

To me, time is many things I don’t have an exact answer to what its essence is or if there is just one answer as to what it is, because for me it changes. Time is not set as I thought it was when I was younger, it’s not the 24 hours in the day passing at the same pace. Sometimes, I am constantly running to catch up with time, others I am so lost in a moment that it seems like it’ll last forever, and other times I have no awareness of time at all… It’s almost none- existent.

I notice that, time changes pace, but the one thing that’s sure is that it never stops forever, even when it seems like it. It’s constantly moving. Moments pass and others come. However, I am curious about the paradigm between a moment passing and the anticipation of the other coming. Those two moments seem to not exist, as one has already passed and vanished and the other one is not aware of it and so can’t claim that it is existent.

I find myself lost…In thought; Are those moments in fact existing? What happens within that paradigm?   If all I have and can prove is the existence of this moment now, then should I care of what the past was like or what the future holds?

Some people are constantly held back by their past; finding it hard to get over certain memories. Others, are constantly planning and striving for a future.  The way people interact with time can give away, who those people are. For instance, are they  worried, anxious, relaxed, precise and so on. The way we interact with time is very interesting and expresses a lot about who we are; time seems to hold a lot more than just the construction of our day. Time can give us hope of a tomorrow when we can have a better day than today, an opportunity for a new start. Or comfort in the idea that the life we’re in, the power, happiness we have continues. It allows us to plan, structure and make sense of who we are and what we want from this world. It’s tricky, though. Time can also be very controlling. It can hold us captive in our past, or set us on a never ending trail in running after a future. As much as it is a comfort for providing us with structure it has the power to ruin our perception and waste our effort. Time seems to have a lot of power, does it have it because it really does or because we constructed it to have that kind of power?

To explore this question I must acknowledge that I assumed the passing of time is true at the beginning of this thought process. Now that I think about it, time could be nothing but an illusion. If I was placed in box, that’s dark and never left it, would I still have an awareness of time? If I was never exposed to that idea, since a very young age would I have believed in it? Or even constructed a whole life around it? I can think of an instance where people get kidnapped, locked up and not told what day it is or if it’s day or night, they loose the sense of time and just start existing. When they come out, they have no awareness of how long they’ve been away, to them it could be days, years, centuries… This therefore seems to show that we’re not wired to be aware of time or even know it.

It seems to me like time was constructed as a way to give structure to our lives, create comfort and set us on the trail to the modern world of calendars and dates we live in now. Time tells when to eat, when to go to sleep, when to study, work meet and essentially directs our whole life. But, it also seems to me like we can influence time, stop it, make it seem like its running too quickly, or too slow. Is it because it’s constructed by us that we have control over it? Or is that an illusion and it does exist?

I have reached a point of puzzlement, where I am not sure If there is time for it to have an essence. Ignoring time seems absurd to a world ruled by it and following an illusion seems insane.. Do you get my loss?




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