Every season brings about different weathers; rain, thunder, wind, fog, sun, heat waves… But it also brings about different emotions,  and thoughts. I wonder if those things are somehow correlated, do the things I think about and feel when it’s raining differ from when it’s sunny or snowing?

I believe that the way I feel directs a lot of my thoughts. I often feel my happiest when it’s sunny out, and my calmest when the snow is settling in. So, maybe our thoughts are directed by the weather. But is it crazy to think that the way we feel directs the weather? Confusing?? Yea I know, but let me explain. What I am saying here is; what if you recognize that it’s sunny outside because you’re having happy thoughts or a good day? Or you’re focused on how foggy it is because you’re not feeling too well. That all seems to be possible, but I take it an extra step further.  I think our energy is a product of how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking, It can influence so much around us, even what people think of us before we speak. Could the weather reflect our energy, too? Can how we feel possibly direct whether it’ll be sunny today or a tad bit windy?

I found a pattern that whenever I feel sad, lonely_ I find comfort in the fog. Could it be that there is a fog to begin with because I am sad. Could it be that the universe felt me_ and covered my surrounding in this grey fluff to solace my heart? Or is it that because of those shades of white and grey fluff overwhelming my colorful soul that I feel the way I do?

I don’t know which one it is; all I know is that nature exists within me I am it’s universe as it is mine. I am apart of it, but I also behold it within my soul-case. I conceive of it and so it exists and it gives me water and so I thrive.



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