Hey there!

Welcome to my mind. This is a place where I’ll be expressing my never ending thoughts and internal conversations. It’s inspired from my teacher in High school Miss Morgan! She made me create my first blog ever, and assigned me and my peers posts to write about literature we were reading. Back then those blog posts seemed like unnecessary extra work, but I admit I loved how they forced me to pause, think and reflect on the literature. That’s what I want to do here, but not just with literature, with life in general. Posts here can be three lines just expressing a thought, or they can be a hundred. It’s mainly a place for me to track my own thought process and mark certain ideas. I’ll be reflecting on readings from my courses, on the elderly passing by me in the street, on language, science, religion, bumble bees… anything really. I’ll see where this takes me, could be a place for valuable thoughts or utter nothingness.

If you know me you know I am in my head almost always; I ponder a thought and think it over and over again for hours. I get lost in my head and forget everything else. Those thoughts are going to be the bulk of this blog. I can’t promise any proper conclusions or for you to gain any  knowledge. Simply, because for all I know I might just confuse you.

However, I invite you here to read and take away not just from the content of my posts, but the process. Pause, think, question, question again and learn. I invite you to read those posts with an open mind and heart and allow your mind to take you beyond just those words typed up on a screen. I invite you to take those monologues, thoughts or whatever they may be and converse about them, or about your own thoughts. I invite you to bring my thoughts and yours to life in conversation.

Finally, I am excited to share myself with you all, but the main audience here is my mind. I am not addressing this to a certain group of people, but I do invite anyone who might be interested or who could be benefited from this to carry on and read.

last thing, my tag line is inspired by Socrates, they are not his exact words but it’s what he believed in and so do I.

Positive energies,

Lama Ahmed



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